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“Indonesia, a dynamic and rapidly evolving nation, poised to shape the future of the East and the global landscape. With over 273 million individuals, it thrives on the aspirations of its vibrant, eager-to-learn youth.

At Harvey Sterling Indonesia, we aim to channel this boundless energy, enabling everyone to evolve and thrive. We’re committed to leveraging Indonesia’s incredible potential by embracing its hospitable culture. Our focus is on providing a robust platform for the nation’s most valuable asset – its people.”

We specialize in professional development programs tailored to enhance individual skills and competencies. Leveraging our team’s extensive experience, we are dedicated to elevating the value and competitive edge of professionals through targeted interventions.

Battle-Ready Minds Forging Leadership Excellence

Leadership QualitiesLeadership qualities encompass initiative, accountability, and the ability to inspire others. They drive progress, foster collaboration, and create environments where individuals flourish, contributing to collective success and growth.
Communication SkillsCommunication skills are pivotal for professionals, enabling effective conveyance of ideas, fostering collaboration, building strong relationships, and ensuring clarity in conveying complex information for seamless operations.
Resilience & AdaptabilityResilience and adaptability empower professionals to stay relevant, navigate challenges, embrace change, and thrive in dynamic environments, ensuring agility, innovation, and sustained success amidst evolving landscapes.

Our Team Experience

Training & Development
Leadership & Soft Skills
Management & Project Management
Marketing & Sales
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Why Choose Us?

We offer programs that work and are accepted in many other businesses and sectors. No overpromises.

We carefully selected our facilitating team, which has actual and hands-on experience on the subject.

Our team has a wide variety of programs that we modify to fit the requirements of the Indonesian market and settings.

In the event that it is required, our team of facilitators is able to personalize and modify the materials and case studies.

People on our team have years of experience working in training and development industries, and they are highly focused on the topic of professional development.

Because we have such a highly seasoned team, our programs are surprisingly economical without compromising quality.

Why Our Program Portfolio?

Harvey Sterling Indonesia

We Are All About Talents. Growth. Passion.

Empowering Growth, Unleashing Potential

Comprehensive First Time Manager ProgramThis workshop equips new managers with essential skills: leadership, communication, and team management, ensuring a successful transition and effective leadership.
Building Emotional Intelligence & TrustEnhancing interpersonal skills, this workshop fosters emotional intelligence and trust, crucial for effective communication, collaboration, and fostering a positive work environment.
Creative Problem Solving For ProfessionalsThis workshop cultivates innovative problem-solving skills for professionals, empowering them to navigate challenges creatively, fostering adaptability and strategic thinking.
Effective Business Communication SkillsThis workshop hones business communication skills, refining verbal and written communication, fostering clarity, and enhancing professional interactions.
Advancing Your Presentation SkillsThis workshop sharpens presentation skills with PowerPoint, focusing on impactful delivery, visual storytelling, and maximizing the tool's potential for effective communication.
Extensive Project Management ProgramThis program provides comprehensive project management training based on PMBOK principles, equipping professionals with essential skills for successful project execution.
Practical Public Speaking For ProfessionalsThis workshop enhances public speaking skills, emphasizing practical techniques for any professionals to confidently engage and communicate effectively.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency FundamentalsThis workshop offers foundational knowledge of blockchain & cryptocurrency, offering insights into their applications, and relevance across industries.
CAPM/PMP Certification Preparation ProgramThis program prepares candidates for PMP/CAPM certification, covering key concepts, methodologies, and exam strategies for successful certification attainment in project management.
Empowering Critical Thinking For ProfessionalsThis workshop fosters critical thinking skills, emphasizing analysis, problem-solving, and informed decision-making for enhanced performance & innovative solutions.

Creative Fortitude

Today’s professionals are required to have the ability to explore uncharted territories with imagination and resilience. It signifies the strength to innovate, adapt, and pursue inventive solutions, fostering a culture that embraces creativity as a driving force and propelling individuals and organizations toward groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Adaptive Agility

Adaptability and agility encapsulate the prowess that all professionals need to master to swiftly adjust and thrive in dynamic environments. They signify the ability to pivot, embrace change, and proactively respond to evolving circumstances, fostering resilience and ensuring individuals and organizations remain responsive, innovative, and effective amid constant flux.

Robust Reliability

All professionals must maintain unwavering consistency and strength in their professional conduct. It represents a strong dedication to generating high-quality solutions and building confidence. Professionals with strong reliability are constant and dependable, providing consistent performance, which is vital for a collaborative and effective work environment.

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