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It’s our aim to create a fresh range of new opportunities for the people of Indonesia, helping individuals and professionals open up their landscape to new, high-value opportunities. This will create a sustainable and long-term operation for Harvey Sterling Indonesia and beyond, building real connections between sound business practice and smart theoretical approaches.

Our Missions

As a business committed to helping and promoting the long-term growth of our nation, at Harvey Sterling Indonesia we want to make sure that we hold to our values, which were created on our founding day.

We always want to work with integrity and synergy to create a committed, long-term solution built on the hard work and enterprise of our members.

To this end, we always hope to provide excellence and a resolute solution to any issues that may need it.

This means that we will seek to actively and positively participate in all people’s development issues across Indonesia that we possibly can, offering solutions for those who wish to give themselves the best chance possible of genuine success in this growing nation. We will always look to adapt and change to fit the market and its various demands, instead of waiting for others to correlate to our needs.

We aim to always ensure that we deliver a solution built around connecting our opportunities to the demands and needs of our partners. This kind of affirmation to always deliver a service built around our clients’ needs should herald a long-term approach that will capture the depth of the Indonesian market for years to come.

With our experience and our passion for change and progression, Harvey Sterling Indonesia wants to be at the vanguard of any progressive change that occurs across Indonesia and wants to play a major role in helping other people play their part in progressive development solutions.

Our Values

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Ready for Challenges

At Harvey Sterling Indonesia, we take incredible pride in the hard work that we put forward in every stage of our business outlook. We are always ready to take on new challenges, and we do this by preparing mentally ready members of staff with the knowledge they need to become a long-term professional part of our plans.

Indeed, the best challenges we face in our workplace come from across the world, and we look forward to taking these on head-first. With a local knowledge base that lets us dominate and then spread our gaze outward, we’re ready to take on even the most ambitious of challenges.

Pursue Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, we will stop at nothing to find a long-term solution that fits with our short-term goals as well. We assist professionals and corporations to become an elite name in their field, always ensuring they never give up and accept second best. We desire to pursue excellence that rubs off on others, helping them become proud owners of their works.

To provide the best learning experiences possible, we ensure that both individuals and corporate clients get all of the help that they need to become an obvious member of this mentality.

Global Outlook

At Harvey Sterling Indonesia, we feel extremely proud of our local roots and our culture; however, we aren’t going to let this limit or thwart our ambitions. We believe that a globalized, borderless world should be a long-term goal. With everyone working together to achieve the same things, we believe that the world could be a far more productive and positive place.

We aim to put this as our main ideology when working: nobody is off limits due to their location or their nationality, and all creeds, religions, ideologies, and cultures are welcomed into the Harvey Sterling Indonesia family.

Local Wisdom

In every nation, there is a genuine culture that exists that should never be tampered with; most importantly, it should play a key role in the development of your business. At Harvey Sterling Indonesia, we make sure that we uphold local wisdom and use it to our advantage. In a nation as rich in heritage and culture as Indonesia, we harness this to take our business in new directions.

We respect diversity, however, and also respect that having a unique look and output is always a useful factor. To become the best professionals we can be, we respect that wisdom and the characteristics of our community.

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