CAPM®/PMP® Certification Preparation Program

Transforming Professionals into Certified Leaders.

CAPM®/PMP® Certification Preparation Program

The realm of global project management knowledge and credentials has made substantial inroads in Indonesia in recent years. The Project Management Institute (PMI)® stands as a globally recognized standard for project management within many organizations.

For over a decade, our group has been deeply immersed in project management training and has witnessed the growing recognition and acceptance, both within private and public organizations in Indonesia, for project management professionals adhering to global standards set by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

This program collaborates with other Accoladia Group business units holding Authorized Training Partner (ATP) status from PMI®. Consequently, it utilizes modules directly developed by PMI and is exclusively delivered by Certified ATP Instructors. Moreover, the program aligns with the latest content outlines for the official PMP exam preparation as stipulated by PMI.

Objectives & Outlines

This program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of project management frameworks and the PMBOK® Guide’s standards, enabling the practical application of diverse tools and techniques for efficient project management. Additionally, it focuses on utilizing the PMBOK® Guide to support real-time projects, fostering the capacity to implement predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project management methodologies effectively.

Moreover, the program empowers individuals to pursue esteemed project management certifications like the PMP® issued by PMI®. Overall, it equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to proficiently manage projects, elevating their ability to achieve project objectives in a structured and professional manner. By participating in this program, individuals significantly enhance their prospects of successfully attaining the esteemed PMP® certification.

  • Introduction to Project & Project Management
  • Understanding the roles & responsibilities of PM
  • Introduction to PMBOK® Guide
  • Project Management Vocabulary
  • Lesson 1: Creating High-Performing Team
    Building a team, Defining ground rules, Negotiating project agreements. Empowering team members & stakeholders, Train team & stakeholders, Engaging & supporting virtual teams, Building shared understanding
  • Lesson 2: Starting The Project
    Determining project methods & practices, Scope, Budget, Schedule, Quality, Integrating planning activities, Procurement, Project governance
  • Lesson 3: Doing The Work
    Risks, Business value, Communications, Stakeholders, Artifacts, Project Changes, Issues
  • Lesson 4: Keeping The Team on Track
    Leading team, Team performance, Impediments/Obstacles/ Blockers, Conflicts, Collaborations, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence
  • Lesson 5: Keeping The Business In Mind
    Compliance, Project benefits & values, Environment changes, Organizational change, Continuous improvement
  • Utilizing the PMBOK® Guide to aid actual projects.
  • Possessing knowledge to apply predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project management approaches accordingly.
  • Capable of leveraging the insights gained from this workshop towards pursuing project management certifications issued by PMI®, such as PMP®

Program Delivery

5 Days (Customizable)

Current and prospective project managers, project teams, and project leaders from diverse professional backgrounds and industries such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement, FMCG, Insurance, Telco, and others. Additionally, this program welcomes all professionals engaged in project-related activities across various sectors and industries.

This program is available as a public training program as well as a customized in-company workshop program.

Not available.


Project Management Standard
Project Management Techniques
Project Case Studies
Leadership & Soft-skills

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