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Creative Problem Solving For Professionals

This two-day Creative Problem Solving class will impact the way you think about and solve problems. Learn how to correctly define problems as you study problem-solving and the creative process. Learn how to use different tools to ask important questions, gather important data, and write clear problem statements. Use a variety of tools for coming up with ideas during brainstorming meetings to look into possible solutions.

During these hands-on sessions, you will be able to compare solutions based on certain criteria. In the end, you will be able to do a final analysis to choose the best choice. Learn how important it is to make ideas work in the real world, make implementation easier, and look for ways to make things better. This thorough workshop focuses on practical application, giving you the tools to handle complexity with confidence and drive effective problem-solving strategies in your working life. Join us to find out how creative you can be when dealing with problems and how innovative you can be when coming up with real answers.

Objectives & Outlines

This program aims to equip participants with a robust framework for creative problem-solving for two days. By comprehensively understanding the problem-solving process, participants will learn to identify, define, and structure problems effectively. Through the exploration of various problem-definition tools and brainstorming techniques, the objective is to foster an environment where innovative solutions can be generated and evaluated against defined criteria.

The program emphasizes the application of these acquired skills in real-world scenarios, enabling participants to implement and adapt solutions while continually seeking opportunities for improvement and refinement. Ultimately, the goal is to empower individuals to tackle challenges strategically, fostering a culture of innovation and effective problem-solving within their professional spheres.

  • Understand problems and the creative problem-solving process
  • Identify types of information to gather and key questions to ask in problem-solving
  • Identify the importance of defining a problem correctly
  • Identify and use four different problem-definition tools
  • Write concrete problem statements
  • Use basic brainstorming tools to generate ideas for solutions
  • Use idea-generating tools
  • Evaluate potential solutions against criteria
  • Perform a final analysis to select a solution
  • Evaluate and adapt solutions to reality
  • Follow up with solution implementation and identify improvements

Program Delivery

2 Days (Customizable)

This training program is aimed at a diverse audience, including all employees, supervisors, managers, leaders, and professionals positioned for promotion to roles entailing higher responsibilities.

This program is available as a public training program as well as a customized in-company workshop program.

Not available.


Problem Understanding & Definition
Creative Idea Generation
Solution Evaluation
Continuous Improvement

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